Julian Pang with daughter Leena

Julian Pang with daughter Leena

Julian Pang

Julian Pang is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist. Known for the sense of honesty and boldness he brings to his work, he specialises in brand and logo design, visual identity, photography, illustration, animation and publication design. His versatility across various styles and mediums has attracted a diverse range of loyal clients, from NGOs to corporate brands, for nearly 20 years.

Julian studied at Swinburne University’s School of Design where he earned his Bachelor of Design in 1996. After successfully sole-trading as Pang Design for eight years, he partnered with friend and mentor, Andrew Haig, to form Pang & Haig Design. For five years, they delivered a wide scope of creative services including branding, illustration, imaging and photography. When Andrew left the partnership to pursue his PhD in 2011, Julian retained the business name and continues to deliver high-end services to clients as Pang & Haig Design.

Recognised for his ability to solve problems effectively using various visual tools, Julian’s work often draws from a diverse set of approaches and techniques. His calligraphy and lettering has featured prominently on marketing campaigns, logo designs and film posters. Servicing a rare niche, he is skilled at digitally reworking hand-drawn illustrations to produce compelling images that have a fresh and raw, yet modern quality. Often working with pen and ink or watercolour, Julian has created illustrations for a number of high-profile projects including a series of book covers for SANE Australia, which used illustration to capture complex mental health conditions, such as depression and bipolar disorder, in a way that provided gentle understanding of the subject matter.

When he was approached to collaborate on the Radically Happy project, Julian was compelled to offer his expertise. Born in Malaysia to a Buddhist family, he has an intuitive sense of many of the projects key principals and ideas. Working in close collaboration with Phakchok Rinpoche and Erric Solomon, he brings a contemporary aesthetic to their modern and secular recasting of traditional Buddhist principles.

Julian works and lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and three children.