Looking for Happiness: Can You Predict What Will Make You Happy?

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By Erric Solomon

In our book we talk about the "Looking for Happiness Conundrum". It's really an exploration of the different ways we usually seek out happiness and why it just can't work. The first problem is that human beings are really bad at predicting what will bring them lasting happiness. So, let's take a few minutes and playfully explore if this is really true. I predict you will agree with me if you watch the video. But please feel free to offer your comments below...


Sharing Happiness and Joy: The magic of interconnected happiness

Bill was a fisherman who found he could make a lot more money smuggling weed from Thailand than by fishing. When he started out, he was a peace-and-love guy, but as the smuggling became more and more successful he started becoming quite paranoid and reckless, and he also started carrying guns. Now, though, he felt that prison likely saved him from a much worse fate. Nevertheless, as you might imagine, a few pesky thoughts still gnawed at Bill.